A 1950s Glam Girl: Liz Lorre

Liz Lorre is not afraid of a little Old Hollywood style glamour in her life. Everyday, rain or shine, she does her hair in pin-curls, and puts on her flawless 1950s style makeup. Her apartment in the iconic Marina City Towers looks like a time capsule complete with its original fittings and Mid-Century decor.

We had a wonderful afternoon taking pictures of favorite outfits, chatting about style and influences, and learning all about Evangeline the Oyster Girl.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce the amazing Liz Lorre!


Liz’s Personal Style

1950s-style glamour with a naughty streak

Why vintage?

For as long as I can remember, all I have ever wanted is to look like a classic movie star.  The clothing, the hair, the makeup — it’s just what I’m drawn to.  Modern trends hold no interest to me.  I feel like most of the clothing in stores today is poorly made and has no personality.  The vintage look speaks to me in a way I can’t fully articulate; it’s truly what I love.
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Era of choice

Definitely the late ’40s through the early ’60s.  It’s very feminine and over-the-top, which really appeals to me!


My leopard print Spring-o-lators and Cole of California swimsuit, my pink confetti lucite purse, and my latest acquisition, an Alfred Shaheen reverse halter sarong dress.  These are all things that I considered holy grails and it is a thrill to have found them!

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I’m inspired by photos of lesser-known pinup models and showgirls, because they were very glamorous without always necessarily being conventionally beautiful, which is something that really speaks to me.  I also love film noir femme fatales, b-movie bad girls, and of course, the quintessential bombshell movie stars who I fell in love with as a young girl.


I’ve always been artistic, and as someone working in a technical profession, I find clothing to be a way I can be creative on a daily basis.  I’m also very shy, so I think I also use my style as a way to express myself and what I love to the rest of the world.

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I collect vintage burlesque photos and memorabilia, and one day I stumbled upon this portrait for sale on Craigslist.  The seller claimed it was an original painting of burly-q legend Kitty West, better known as Evangeline the Oyster Girl, and that he had purchased it on a buying trip through the South.  Since the lady in the painting looks strikingly like Kitty/Evangeline, and she performed in New Orleans, I’d like to think it really is her.  Even if it’s not, it’s still a great picture!


Here’s a picture of Evangeline in her hey-day. For more on Evangeline and her somewhat scandalous escapades click here.

A big thanks to Liz for being our first feature! Check back again next week for another entry in the Vintage Style Diary!

Photography by Derek Olson
Photo of Marina City Towers by Ashley Crum
Photo of Evangeline from here

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  1. Liz says:

    Thank you so much for the feature — you did a wonderful write-up and Derek has true photography talent! The site looks wonderful and I’m looking forward to reading all of the upcoming features.

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