About H&S

PicMonkey Collage dressesHopscotch & Soda is a vintage clothing boutique based in Chicago. It was the brainchild of Jillian Schrager and Virginia Robbins who are giant history nerds and appreciate everything old and beautiful. The idea became a reality when they stumbled upon a giant movie warehouse in Cincinnati that was selling off all of it’s amazing vintage items. They packed up their rental car to the brim and thus Hopscotch & Soda was born!

H&S is all about appreciating the styles of yesteryear and carrying a little bit of our past into the present. We believe that vintage is something that everyone can enjoy and we strive to provide women of all sizes, shapes, and ages with wonderful apparel that they feel great in. Whether you are a novice or a lifestyle vintage kinda gal, we’ve got something for you!

Now we are thrilled to announce that Hopscotch & Soda is going to have a new brick-and-mortar home in Chicago! Stay tuned for updates!